April 11, 2010

Mockito Example

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Mockito compared to EasyMock seems to be more easily and has more flexibility. First it's able to mock up interfaces as well as classes. You doesn't need additional Jar libraries. Furthermore there isn't any replay mode. First you have to stub and afterwards you have to verificate your mocked classes or interfaces. Further examples and advantages could be read here. Have a look at the following example:

1. Add the Mockito dependency to your pom.xml:


2. Mockito in JUnit test:

import static org.mockito.Mockito.*;
public void testMockito() {
    Map mapMock = mock(Map.class);


    Object o = new Object();
    mapMock.put("anyObject", o);

    assertEquals("firstValue", mapMock.get("firstKey"));
    assertEquals("secondValue", mapMock.get("secondKey"));


    verify(mapMock).put("anyObject", o);

Rafael Sobek

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Mockito Example
Mockito Example (tags: mockito

Comment: Loic at Di, 27 Jul 9:42 PM

Nice example, thanks!

Comment: rock at Mi, 2 Nov 12:03 PM

simple and nice!

Comment: imom39a at So, 29 Jan 10:41 PM

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